“I live among diffuse shadings, veiled mysteries, uncertainties; the tone of telling my life is closer to that of a portrait in sepia.” – Isabel Allende, writer

My childhood was rich in stories of ghostly visitations, the histories of ancestors long dead, lost fortunes, scandals and superstition. A Peewee bird in the house was a portent of death, as was the sound of three knocks, knives should never be crossed and a dropped fork signaled the arrival of a lady. Each protagonist in these family tales was imperfect; torn edges, threadbare, stained. Many of my recollections over time have faded, others remain indelible. These small constructions of paper and fabric are a poetic response to those memories.

mitch_thomas_three_boat_lotusmitch_thomas_three_birdsmitch_thomas_sepia_two_figuresmitch_thomas_sepia_sphinxmitch_thomas_sepia_monkeyShort Story Thirteen | Textiles | Mitch Thomas artistmitch_thomas_sepia_fishmitch_thomas_sepia_four_treesmitch_thomas_sepia_flying_swallowmitch_thomas_sepia_blue_birdmitch_thomas_sepia_shell_beadsmitch_thomas_sepia_three_buttonsmitch_thomas_sepia_nine_white_beads